Spirit Attachment Voices : Mind Games (ii)

January, 2017

  Sometimes it really bothers me when I hear these harassing spirits, entities, etc… (whatever they are) criticizing me for various things and yet they seem to spend their entire existence these days just harping on me. I mean who would do that? Whatever faults that I may have, I would never ever do the kinds of things that they do or treat people the way that they do. They play their damn mind games to try and make me feel like a horrible person, but I don’t even come close to comparing to them. They can be downright malevolent and I completely reject any notion that they are in a position to judge me. After all of the shit that they have put me through, I simply don’t care what their opinion of me is, I truly don’t.

  They are tyrannical oppressors and I don’t give a flying shit what they think. They talk a lot of shit to make themselves seem powerful but most of it is just that, shit talk. Back when this first started I had no idea what their abilities were. They kept telling me that they were going to “execute me” and at first I believed them because I didn’t know what I was dealing with.

  Well, I still don’t know who or what I’m dealing with completely but over time I’ve at least learned a few things about them. For one, they try to bullshit people, to get them to believe the things that they are telling them so that they can manipulate them. They use their bullshit talk as a kind of psychological weapon. But more often than not, it is just talk.

  At least in my case, these attachments that harass me did have some ability to pull off some shock and awe stunts for a while, such as calling me on the phone, but all of that has since stopped since I’ve stopped being freaked out by them. Over time, this process came naturally because it became obvious to me that this was indeed what they were doing, pulling off stunts to freak me out. They were playing mind games. Why they do it, I still don’t know. They’ve never stuck to one straight answer. This is another one of their tricks. They like to keep flip-flopping around about the things that they tell me. One week they’ll say one thing, the next week they’ll say something that is completely opposite and so it goes…mind games, mind games and more mind games.

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