Paranormal Voices : A Danger

January, 2017

  I’ve already gone over what happened to me back in 2015 extensively here in my journal. In summary, during the months of January and February of 2015, I “went active” with an interest in the paranormal that was on my mind at the time. My means of “going active” was to experiment with EVP. My efforts were slow going but within just a couple of weeks, I began to hear numerous voices upon playback of practically every recording that I made.

  At first, all of the voices that I was hearing were extremely benevolent in nature. I became so fascinated by what I was experiencing, that I more or less allowed myself to become obsessed with doing EVP recordings. It got to a point where I was spending several hours practically every night communicating with these voices of unknown origin. I allowed myself to get swept up with curiosity in what I was experiencing and as new to all of this as I was at the time, I let my guard down to any possible danger.

  By the second month of my recording endeavor, I began to notice that “negative” voices were showing up on my recordings. It started off slight at first but gradually it became worse until these negative voices literally came to dominate each and every recording that I did. Then something truly unexpected and disturbing happened to me. One day towards the end of February, I had an incident where I heard these same malevolent voices that I had been hearing on my EVP recordings outside of my recordings over the noise of a running fan.

  To sum things up (as I have already written much here about how my spirit attachment situation got started), it eventually reached a point where I began to hear these menacing voices at all times of the day and at an extreme level for quite some time. The voices were also accompanied by real physical/bodily disturbances and abuse as well.

  I had never heard voices like this before I started experimenting with EVP. In the time since this has happened to me, I have found quite a few others who have also had the same thing happen to them. Unfortunately, when we try and speak up about this, many find it difficult to believe our stories. That’s certainly understandable, but this is happening to a percentage of people that get involved in paranormal research or any form of spirit communication.

  I have since quit doing EVP sessions completely, but unfortunately it has not been that easy to just walk away from it all. I’m still living with after-effects to this day that follow me where ever I go. These harassing and intrusive voices are still here with me. Yes, they are much fainter now most of the time, but they still constantly seek to grab my attention. The are no longer as menacing, but they can still be a real nuisance to deal with. 

 I am certainly aware that most people do not run into this kind of disastrous situation when they become involved with paranormal research. I’m sure there are many factors involved in why some people are more vulnerable to having a bad experience than others, but one of the dangers is that one could develop a condition of hearing voices.

 I deal with this bizarre phenomenon, but I do not feel sick in any way.  I go about my life now just as I always did, but if I stop and listen, the voices are still there. This may be a little know danger, but it is a very real and serious danger all the same. It usually hits quick and fast to, usually when a person is just starting out with their involvement in these pursuits. The contact typically comes on quickly and gets intense quickly as well. One can easily lose themselves in being curious about the whole experience and this is where one can let their guard down and become blind to a potential danger.

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