Today 😃

 I don’t generally make New Years resolutions…I believe that it you have to wait for a new year to start something then you’re not really committed it the first place. This year however I have decided to work on my self confidence a bit. Personally I don’t like what I see in the mirror…but I have worked hard to get where I am today so I don’t complain to others about it but it plays on my mine. Vain I know but I love having a tan, so I hit the sunbed…loved it. Also on my list is exercise…I hate it but it really needs to be done, I control my weight purely through diet but I really need to get active, so waiting for my new did to come through the post! 

General stuff today…kids went off great to school…no problems 😀 met my best mate for coffee after the sunbed session, great catch up and gossip. Home in time for the bed delivery, managed to construct it myself😂 just in time for my eldest to get home after school. Housework done. Work work done. Nails painted. Looking forward to curling up soon with my eldest to watch some TV.

Other news…rugby boy has been chatty today, mainly wanting to discuss tan lines. Typical! 😂😂 action man has also been in touch today, just to say hello, I have also just very recently been in touch with an old flame…he has asked about catching up over a drink, but I’m not so sure. While I am good at keeping some relationships in their own little boxes…he’s one that gets under my skin.


Sherlock, coffee and bed😊

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