Too Many Responisibilities Not Enough Time

Today was very busy also the whole city was barricaded with containers due to a strike and it took me 2 hours to go home from University. All the major roads were closed even though this is the second largest city of the country.

Finals are coming and as well as the deadlines of many project plus I now have a job. 

Today was also some other hiring for the startup of which I’m a part of [read my previous journals] and also the first meeting of this years Computer Society. The meeting lasted nearly three hours. 2 major events are coming up. I’m am the media and décor head and thus there are 5 members of which I’m responsible for. Two Girls and three Boys, one of which is in the photo with me. He is also my class fellow and a good friend.

All the décor is going to be handled by me. The three décor member are all new who have never done décor before. It will be fun!

I am also the graphic designer of the society since the society was unable to find someone else for the job.

Did I mention that I also do Graphic Designing for the place where I’m doing an internship.

OH WELL! I’m going to have to do my best with all my might.

Wish me Luck. I might not be able to write for a week or two. 

P.S: Today again I missed my first two lectures also this Picture was taken inside my University after returning from the meeting.

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