Tuesday January 3rd

I closed on my house today. I took a 1/2 day off. I also went to the post office, the cable office, and the bank to deposit the check. I had to sit at the closing table with Brent. I just tried not to look at him. He is such an asshole. I really don’t understand – I know I never will. What the fuck ever. I am so hopeful that getting the hell out of here will help me be able to move on. My heart is broken. I am not sure if I will ever be happy again. I have to get out of here. I am upset about that bitch at school that is going to take over my team leader job- sending out emails to the team and leaving me off! Um, I still work there until January 20th. I fucking hate her. I felt like crying over the way she is cutting me out, but I won’t. My asshole boss already is so unbelievably sexist I refuse to give him more ammo. He thinks all women are “drama queens”. I hate his ass, too. 

One thought on “Tuesday January 3rd”

  1. Usually when I have a complaint like “I’m still here until Jan 20th, why wasn’t I in the email?” I would complain loud and to the person. Usually they’d apologize saying they forgot or something, but I would never take it personally.

    To your boss that said ‘all women are drama queens,’ you took this personally, but I’m sure it was said in a nonchalant manner to disregard himself against an opposing opinion or event. It’s a statement that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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