Woken up by Mom at around 7 am. Decided not to go shopping after all and slept till noon. Had coffee, washed whites, took a shower. Then i studied for some time, but not too long. My mom bought a £35 tunic and a £40 cardigan – both designer items by designers I had never heard of before.

It snowed today and most of the day the weather’s been fucking freezing. The wind is blowing like crazy. I decided to help my sister clean the carpet in her room. Then she and I painted some paintings for her and my room (last year we bought a long ass roll of paper at IKEA so we decided to paint on it). My friend and I were supposed to go for a stroll but then she said she’d rather come over. Then she cancelled saying she had a headache.

I tried to eat less today, I drank lots and lots of water. 

I have to return my books to the library tomorrow, they are actually due today, but I’m certain I won’t be charged a fee. We’re having some cousins over tomorrow. I wish they bring some candy since it is the gift-giving season.

2 thoughts on “1/5/2017”

  1. So lucky that it’s snowing where you are. It may be seriously cold but I hope you enjoy seeing everything all white and fluffy and pure!
    If you feel hungry, maybe you could eat apples or other bulky fruit instead of drinking water (since that isn’t really filling). Then you would get vitamins + fiber + the water in the fruit!
    Have a good day~

  2. Thank you for the advice, I’ll try to eat more bulky fruit as well as nuts (they make great snacks). Have a great day!

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