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So this is what it’s like to be in the twenty-first century with Facebook and Instagram accounts. It’s a lot more boring than I thought it would be, being on social media, and I always have felt rather iffy about these things.

I only have the Facebook because my mom wanted to print some pictures at the Target Kodak machine thing, and since we didn’t want to plug the entire phone into the kiosk, she said I could just make a Facebook or Instagram account. So I made both. I was kind of nervous, but it turns out it wasn’t very exciting, getting the accounts. Nothing much happened.

Of course I know that nothing is supposed to happen when you’re on social media, anyway, but, well, it’s a bit anticlimactic. Maybe this is because I have no friends on either, maybe it’s because I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing on them–either way, this is kind of boring.

Maybe I should waste time on Tumblr instead. After all, I spend more time there than I spend doing anything else but watching YouTube videos and mucking about in school.

I wanted to take a selfie for my, you know, profile photo, but, being unphotogenic as heck, that didn’t work out very well. Ewww my face. I mean, my camera is pretty crappy (it’s an old phone) anyway, but still. I guess I’m just too ugly to look good in pictures, because I NEVER look anywhere near decent in photographs, even when I’m feeling a tiny bit cute (which doesn’t happen often, anyway, but whatever).

Being on social media also makes me feel like a complete loser, because everyone else is having fun with their lives and I’m just sitting here with no friends and no life. I’m happy for everyone with good things going on, but still, it makes me sad.

School starts tomorrow. Yay. I’m sort of glad, because the winter break has made me depressed again–but then, school also depresses me a lot of the time, so………….

Also, I keep receiving emails from various colleges. They all start out with “You’re a wonderful student, Grace” or something like it, and it freaked the crap out of me when I got the first email. But then it was like, at the bottom it would say, “we received your information from the Student Search Service”, which made a lot more sense.

It bothers me how the colleges that have contacted me so far have been either private or religiously affiliated. Or a liberal arts college. Which I don’t think I should go to……….

But seriously? Christian colleges? Baptist colleges? Methodist colleges? SERIOUSLY? No offense, but I’m not religious……….I don’t know why you think I’d be interested in your university, especially considering the fact that your tuition + boarding fees are EXPENSIVE AS HECK. I can’t afford that.

Also, a lot of them were tiny and or located in the north, like Nebraska and South Dakota……yeah I’m not really interested in going to a state like that. Too wide open and not densely populated enough for this city girl.

Anyway. I should get going. I have the second draft of an essay to write and I’ve been procrastinating WAY too long.

Have a good day and stay chill.

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  1. ^ I disagree with Nightmare87’s statement, social media is fun with friends, I have had times of my life on social media and I’ve learned a lot about the nature of people through it.

    BUT now I’ve closed my Facebook account off and I discovered this site as a result of it. Also we know your first name now, I guess Savedbygrace’s name is because YOU saved her XD

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