Cold Mountain Entry #3

So this morning I couldn’t milk because LO’s nap time/awake time coincided with the sun set.  Meaning, by the time it was nap time, the sun was down and the cow wouldn’t come up.  I keep the calf on her during the day and separate them at night for morning milk.  I need to really watch it.  Evening chores 4-5pm. Let LO stay awake longer or somehow manipulate the schedule to where she’s sleeping from 330 to 430, or even better 4-5.  Even if that means a tired/grumpy 30 min? I’ll try. 

So I still gave her feed, the milkcow.  Will attempt to separate them tonight, if I’m able.  I can’t go outside at the 10am naptime because I forgot to charge the walkie talkie, and I’m certainly not going strap LO on to me and take her outside in freezing temps.

I’m so ready for the meat birds to be butchered.  Next time, I’m going to go with the regular commercial broilers.  Tried the Freedom Rangers. Took 15 weeks to mature instead of the 9-13 as advertised.  Tastes excellent but too much input to get them to the desired weight.  I’m sure that if I gave them access to feed 24/7 they would grow as advertised, but I firmly believe they should hustle.  Eat grass, bugs, etc like they are supposed to do, not sit at a feeder all day. So this time I tried a “slower growing commercial” variety.  This time, they are supposed to grow out in 7-8 weeks instead of 4-6 like the standard commercial variety.  It’s week 8 and they need another 2 weeks.  I restrict the feed to night time.  Let them hustle during the day. So because of my bird raising methods, I feel confident that I can go with the standard commercial variety and not have monster chickens with the problems associated with such fast growth (heart failure, ascites, fractured legs).  I’ll probably be able to hit the happy medium and get a market bird in 6-8 weeks while still maintaining a fast-but-not-too-fast growth at a cheaper cost.  Feed at night, hustle during the day. Funny how it’s more expensive to buy the “slower” growing varieties at the hatchery.  Not to mention more expensive to feed out.  Hmmm…now that I think about it and have seen how this group as done, I’m not too worried about the growth issues.  I just hope the flavor is there.  It should be.  I’ll find out this month. 

You called this morning. Asked about the feeder and how things were going.  You wanted me to know that you were thinking of me and missed me.  I updated you on the feeder, said I loved you too (because I do).  You talked of the weather and then had to go. I didn’t tell you that I got the humidifier in and was SO EXCITED because the house won’t be so dry and LO’s and my skin won’t be so parched. 23% humidity is too dry.  The internet says 30-50%.  I’d say 40-45%. Air drying the cloth diapers inside the house will up the humidity by 6%. Put pans of water on the wood stove too and got as high as 35% but it’s still too dry for me. Plus, I don’t like filling up the pans all the time.

I didn’t tell you that I applied for this really cool job, or that Walter JR wont let me touch him and now I’m going to have to tame him down again.  Can’t have an animal you can’t touch.  I didn’t tell you that the hay patch looks really good, that had I known about the feeder issue, I’d have moved the girls to the hay patch.  I didn’t tell you that the cat is really going to bother you because he’ll climb up your pants and rest on your shoulder while you walk around.  I did put the ram out like you asked me to.  No, I haven’t received the money for that sale yet,  and I canceled my appointment and moved it to next week when the weather is nicer.  LO is doing well, nothing new or exciting except it’s really neat to watch her eyes lighten.  It’s as if they lightened overnight.  I am going to visit vicky tomorrow. No, I haven’t spoken to the realtor.  I don’t see how you don’t want to know the day to day ongoings.  Or you don’t seem interested. I suppose I’m too boring.  IDK, I think the little day to day things is what keeps us connected.  Too many details for you.  Perhaps it’s a guy thing. 

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