Day 5 – 30 Days to True Health

School was pretty awesome today. Watching the kids scuttle about kept me entertained, especially the little ones. I enjoyed the slow pace (I am a sub so not many assigned duties) and being out in the world again.

I took all my food and water with me, in a pretty big bag 😊 and had no cravings…..well ok, I sat beside a teacher at lunch who was eating pizza. It smelled so good….I kind of considered snatching it from her. She was a tiny little thing; it wouldn’t have been much of a fight. Instead I drank my TruPlenish shake and had some soup and thought about the benefits of my food choices for my body, compared to the lack of nutrients and health in the pizza….but damn it smelled good!

Today I learned about the importance of taking TruShape on a full tummy. Cheryl advised me of that before I started, but this morning, not in my normal routine, I forgot to take it. I remembered about 11:30am and, without thought or consideration of my empty stomach, I swallowed it down. About 30 minutes later I started to feel light headed and nauseous, not overwhelming that I had to lay down or use a washroom, but enough to make me slow down and be conscious of my body. I texted with Cheryl and she advised to get some food or milk in as soon as possible. It was lunch time so I was having my food. Within 30 minutes the nausea subsided and I felt better. Cheryl reminded me to always take it on a full stomach….A lesson I won’t forget soon.

Tomorrow is “play day”. Visiting friends, a little shopping and relaxing….but my food, shakes and water will be going with me….no drive-thru except for coffee ☕️ …..because who can live without coffee?!!

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