They Will Customize Their Kool-Aid for You

October 21, 2016

   After living with this condition of hearing these malevolent voices every day for the past year and a half, I think that I can accurately say that I’ve learned a few things about how they operate. In essence, these voices are masterful deceivers or as I like to call them “Kool-Aid Peddlers.”  They will fabricate elaborate storylines to get your head spinning, to sink their voices and words into your mind…they want you to drink their Kool-Aid.  They will conceive their lies based upon the individual. These negative voices are all about getting a reaction out of you and since they are negative voices, they aim for you to react to them with emotions of fear, anxiety and depression.  The voices will pull from your mind the things that may incite these negative emotions if they are twisted around in certain ways. If you’re religious, they might assume the identities of angels, demons, Lucifer and even God.  In my own case, they tried to convince me that I was possessed by Lucifer for a time but that all of Heaven was grateful to me because I had been keeping Lucifer occupied. This is a text book example of “the Kool-Aid.” 

The voices many also assume the identity of persons that you may know.  This has not happened to me, but I have seen cases where the voices can sound like your friends, family and neighbors, so that when you’re actually around these people, a sense of awkwardness can be created.  The voices in my case, sometimes like to act like they’re trying to help me correct some issue with my life, like a character flaw or bad habit or such, but they will constantly be talking about this, making critical and judgmental comments about it constantly, even to the extent that I can’t even get to sleep at night without taking some form of sleep-aid.

  The voices are not just extremely annoying to hear, but in devious and clever ways, each voice is trying to throw out a lure with some out there total BS trying to get you to think about the content of the words, hoping you’ll start believing them and if you start believing them, then you may be opening yourself up to drinking “the Kool-Aid.”


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