A Danger of Channeling Spirits: Physical Disturbances

January, 2017

  Every night practically when it comes time to turn in, before I crawl into bed, I typically take a couple of doses of sleep aid because I anticipate that physical/bodily disturbances (brought on by these spirit attachments) will be waiting for me. Usually it entails weird vibration sensations, sometimes sharp pokes and jabs and sometimes just the overall feeling that “something” is moving around on me. To me, these physical disturbances are all too intelligently guided and they seem to cause these disturbances in certain ways that cause a lot of annoyance.

  These physical disturbances can often be a lot trickier to deal with than the voices. The voices (to a significant degree) I’m able to block out at least to the point where I won’t hear the content of what is being said by “them.” I may hear fragmented chatter, but often I can block out the content. The physical disturbances are a whole different animal entirely. It is possible to desensitize yourself to it to a large degree, but it often proves much harder to ignore than the voices. I mean if you feel something on your body, you simply just feel it. These disturbances can be damn annoying when I’m trying to sleep. Some nights are more mellow, but some nights these disturbances are more intense.

  Sometimes, it seems to me that these spirit attachments are using these physical disturbances as a means of inflicting punishment on me if I angered them in some way. In my case, at least at the present time, these attachments still seem hell-bent on trying to establish some kind of tyranny over my life. But, I remain defiant. I resist their oppression by persevering and going on with my life.

But, this is a serious danger in regards to getting involved with channeling and communicating with spirits (or unknown entities) by any means. Whether it’s by EVP, Spirit Boxes or Ouija Boards, etc… getting a spirit attachment that can inflict very real physical/bodily abuses and disturbances is one of the very serious dangers. Right now, I deal with these disturbances by taking sleep-aid practically every night. Usually this works rather well as I’m knocked out rather quickly. But, there are occasions from time to time when the sleep-aids fail and these physical disturbances have kept me awake for an entire night on numerous occasions. Trying to maintain a normal sleep routine can be a real struggle at times. These spirit attachment situations can often reach that degree, where “they” are messing with and fouling up your regular life routine essentially. This is one of the dangers of channeling/spirit communication and it should be given serious consideration before one ventures down that road towards the unknown.

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