Feeling lonely

I’ve been feeling so lonely lately and I don’t know why.

I had a fight with two of my best friends, and we are not talking since Monday and this made me really sad because we were the closest friends ever, and she is the wrong one in this story so I’m waiting for her to come and talk to me. 

I have another 3 bffs, we were 6 girls but now it’s just 4 and even being so close to this girls I’m feeling so lonely because in general I just have this 3 friends to talk to when I’m feeling sad or stuff, I only have this 3 real friends. 

Of course I had so much more friends, but now that school is over, it’s gonna be so hard for me to see all the girls again, because one of these girls from my school is mad at me, so it’s gonna be hard for me to see them again.


Im with a guy and I really like him. I like him so much and we are together for 5 months but our relationship is weird, it looks like we are friends, not that we are dating. I wish he could ask me if I wanna be his girlfriend.

It was Christmas and I bought him a present when I traveled to São Paulo but he doesn’t know, but I’m not gonna give it to him bc he didn’t bought me anything. Some years ago when I was with another person, we were toghether for less than 2 months and we gave presents to each other. 

Yea and that’s it my life. Idk yet if I will go to college this year or if I will have to wait next year,bc I will only get the results on February. So let’s wait.

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