Vertigo of Voices (ii)


October 19, 2016


  I’ve been trying to relax and read a book for the past couple of hours but unfortunately, these intrusive voices often make that a terribly difficult thing to do.

“what a wonderful target”

 I just heard a voice say. The voices have been particularly strong this evening. When this happens, ignoring them and blocking them out sometimes becomes a difficult task. Sometimes, I simply have to weather the storm of voices until is passes.  What is most important to me though during these occasional episodes when the voices are so strong that I’m almost forced to listen to them, is that I don’t start to ponder over the particulars of what they are saying. More often than not, these harassing spirits aren’t just hitting me with a bombardment of voices, they’re also throwing out lures to see if the content of their words sticks in my mind.  It is a distressing thing to not only feel overwhelmed by the voices to this degree, but also to be left pondering the things they were saying.   It’s always an unfortunate circumstance to let myself get caught up in their minds games again. I always strive with great effort to avoid this from happening.


  For the most part, today was fine, that is until I got home from work.  I tried to rest for a bit, but it was no good. As I rested in bed, it was like my room came alive with voices, it was like I was in a vertigo of voices in a sense. The voices were all around me. I still have these occasions from time to time when it seems like there are many of these spirits harassing me all at once.  That’s how it was especially in the first few months of this ordeal.  But now, for the most part, I hear the same 2-3 voices on a day to day basis, but there are occasions like this afternoon, when the number of these voices seems to increase.

  I’m hearing them quite strongly right now as I write this. This is one of the more frustrating things for me. While these harassing spirits don’t instill fear in me anymore, they do make it difficult at times for me to concentrate on simple things like writing my journal or reading a book. What I wouldn’t give sometimes to be able to sit in silence and read and focus on a book in peace. It’s as if I’m re-learning how to focus my concentration. It can be a tricky task sometimes, but this is something that I’m learning to do with greater success. 

  These are the things that I’m being forced to do now that I find myself in this situation. I’m having to retrain my mind and my senses to block out these intruders as much as possible. They are always seeking to intrude, to grab and keep my attention focused on them and the web of lies that they are continually voicing.  I say this so much here on this blog, but I wonder if I can ever say it enough. This situation that I’m experiencing of hearing voices and experiencing physical disturbances as a result of my dabbling with EVP, this is something that can and does happened sometimes when people make these decisions.

 I didn’t research extensively and possible dangers that may arise from trying to contact the other side. Of course, I had heard and read things but these seemed vogue in their detail or simply too fantastic to believe in some cases (or so I thought back then).   I captured my first EVPs on recording within just a couple of weeks and within just two months, I was hearing these voices outside of the recordings.  The situation progressed so quickly that I was initially memorized, then confused, then finally terrified.  I will close this blog entry with what I said so many times here because it’s always best to know the dangers of something so one can make a more informed decision about it. At least one danger of trying to communicate with the invisible worlds that surround us is that you could be led into a clever trap of deception and be stricken with a condition of hearing voices and experiencing physical attacks and disturbances.

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