My mind is everywhere I am having so much difficulty focusing, and I have an assignement deadline quickly sneaking up!

My brain is fatigued, I cannot think straight at all.  I am exhausted,my quality of sleep is really poor.

I have been 6 weeks without alcohol and five days without cigarettes.  I’m now going to limit my intake of caffine as I have been told it makes anxiety worse. 

Im off to a personal training session this afternoon.   I used to adore exercise but have not step foot in a gym in a good year and a half.

At the moment life is challenging but I know in the long run it will be worth it.

I have to keep focusing on the bigger picture

One thought on “Goals”

  1. Good for you! Getting rid of your addictions. I admire you because I am still addicted to prescription medications for my back. I often think should I stop? But then the pain is too much. But I digress, sorry. You sound like you have everything you need for success and happiness. These young years are hard and confusing, but let it be an adventure. Do all you can, and do exercise, it’s so good for your state of mind and body both. God bless you!

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