He Left…

David left this morning, and I miss him so much! He’s so kind, caring, funny, smart, hardworking, friendly. We cuddled for the first time two nights before he left and it was the best. He didn’t try to touch me inappropriately or make a move…he just hugged me. I could feel his head on mine and his breathe on the side of my face. I hate people breathing on me but I didn’t mind his breathe at all. I didn’t want him to move. Ever. He tickled my stomach, and placed my head on his arm. He never let me go. He tried to understand my half asleep talk haha He grabbed my jaw and said “I can’t understand you, talk straight.” I was just saying, “Im going to shower”. So I did and he was still there when I came back from my shower. That same morning he later said “Paloma, come here” and I said “Hold on” but never got back to him. Im thinking I should get back to him whenever I get my cell back/unlocked. Feels like forever since he had left when it actually hasn’t even been a whole day. I miss him so much, I think I like him…idek.

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