Jan 5, 2017

I go to school online and it started again Monday.  I’m already behind and not doing very good.  Yesterday I had to submit an assignment on the discussion board and I’m the only one who got it wrong.  So basically I’m the class idiot.  The problem is I hate my major and everything about the classes.  Accounting.  How boring is that???  And it is hard.  I’m just not wired to do this.  I have ADHD and it is torture to try to read all those numbers and the super boring texts.  Yesterday it took me almost all day to read 1.5 chapters.  But I can’t do anything else because this will get me a job which I will need very soon.  I just hope that working in the field isn’t as bad as the classes because I truly hate it.  I wish I was as smart as I try to make people think I am.


I’m so overwhelmed and tired and stressed and just unhappy.  It seems like I go through every single day doing only what I *have* to do and never any time for what I *want* to do.  I looked through everything I did yesterday and I didn’t enjoy a single thing.  It was all stuff I have to do in order to live.  Cook, help kids with school work, clean, do my school work, take care of family stuff, do some things for my volunteer job.  I don’t enjoy my volunteer job anymore because it is 20-30 hours a week but I need it for my resume.  So I suck it up.


Now I’m just whining.  Trying to find one positive thing to write.  I started my diet again and I know I’ll feel so much better once I stick to it for a few days.  My son is doing it with me so it should be much easier now.  I’m excited and can’t wait as it helps with both of ours ADHD and my energy level.

One thought on “Jan 5, 2017”

  1. I would say you have a lot of positive things to write about. Look at all you do each day including those things you “hate” doing. You have the right attitude, you just need to fine tune it a little.
    You say you “wish you were as smart as you try to make people think you are”. You are showing that you are plenty smart. Be yourself. Don’t try to be something you are not. All that does is put extra pressure on you that you don’t need.
    Sometimes it is just the way we look at things that makes the difference. You are running with an overfull plate and not many people would continue to push on with all you are faced with each day. You have, however, through thru your situation and put together what you need to do each day and have found a way to do them.
    You should be congratulated for all you do and have accomplished. Hang in there and keep going forward, better days are coming.

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