EVP Warning : GO BACK


  When I first started hearing voices on my recordings after having attempted for a couple of weeks but hearing only silence, I was fascinated, captivated, enthralled, mesmerized and more by the experience. I had the overwhelming feeling running all through me that this was something remarkable and I wanted to experience this phenomenon (the Electronic Voice Phenomenon) even more. In essence, I allowed my own fascination about what I was then experiencing to get to my head. I walked right into these experiences blindly. The voices that I was hearing on my recordings for the first few weeks of my experience were all seemingly kind and benevolent and seemed completely willing to communicate with me. But there was one incident I recall early on when I heard a commanding voice say “GO BACK!”

  I was swept up and airy fairy in my mind set at the time concerning all of these profound spiritual experiences to really give much thought to what this voice had meant by saying “GO BACK!”  I was more captivated by the clarity of the voice that I had heard.  I look back now and remember this incident as a missed opportunity after all that has occurred since the very beginning when I first started out with EVP, in how my situation eventually led to a horrifying oppression situation where I developed a condition of hearing constant, intrusive and harassing voices as well as experiencing physical attacks and disturbances. I look back now and realize that when I heard “GO BACK!”, I was being warned that there was danger ahead. Unfortunately, I didn’t heed that warning at the time and eventually it became too late to get out of the mess that I had gotten myself into. But now I truly wish that I had acted in a different way towards that warning. 

  I have written extensively in this blog about my story and about what at least one of the dangers of attempting to communicate with the spirit worlds looks like in some detail. My best advice would be to never engage in these activities at all. Our place is here, in this world for the time being, those other worlds will be waiting for us in due course but while we live in this world, let us focus on improving conditions here. I know that this statement is open to all sorts of rebuttals and that’s just how it goes. There are many other fine points to be made, but that’s just my personal conclusion that I’ve come to after experiencing the things that I’ve experienced. 

  However, I fully realize that people will continue to engage in recording EVP and channeling, it’s going to continue being something that some people get involved with, this is fact. I suppose my whole point in this blog entry is to say that if one engages in any of these activities and receives a warning like this, I implore them to give it serious consideration and not to disregard it as I did.


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