New Year, New Me?

New Year’s “resolutions” are so cliche. Are they really something new, or are they really something that has been weighing heavy on your head? I believe that for humans to really learn their potential that we must evolve, we must grow. A new year is the chance to shed away our old skin that’s been scarred and bruised from the past year’s abuse. But we really don’t start over, we evolve.

          So many times I’ve been the victim of a being a nice guy. Too nice sometimes. I enjoy making people happy, lending a helping hand, or even just listening to them speak. I never ask for anything in return but it’s nice to know that my kindness will be reciprocated. I cannot allow people to take advantage of my kind heart and good energy any longer. If I give something out and don’t return anything back, it’s time for me to go. It’s said that people come into our lives for numerous reasons, to teach us lessons, to help us grow, or to even stay permanently etched into our lives. The difficult thing is to determine what category a person falls into. We become attached to someone, almost engulfed by their being, to the point that we’re blinded by their true nature. When are we supposed to cut someone off? How do we know that they’re supposed to stay? How do we know they truly care? For this new year, I think it’s time I start letting people know that I’m not a doormat. If you want me in your life, TELL ME!!  If you want me out of your life, FUCKING TELL ME!! I’m evolving and understanding life and myself more and more each day. I will not hesitate to leave anyone behind. In the end, we all die and return to the earth from which we came. So what do we really have to lose?


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