A good day at work.

Weather is turning cooler, our area may get some snow over the weekend! I certainly hope so!

Have felt good today though there was a constant nagging ache in m y lower back, it was bad enough to justify my meds. I have been getting by on a quarter dose to nothing, but not today.

Went and installed the new battery in the ’86 F-150. When I went to connect the ground wire all hell broke lose as some wiring ignited! I removed the battery cables and extinguished the flames. The is a major short somewhere in this truck and it is beyond my capability so it will have to be towed to a garage for repairs.

I only ate dinner today, no food all day and only two coffees. I have been feeling off.

Very upsetting dreams last night. I slept horribly, Debbie said I tossed and turned, mumbled and moaned a lot. I vaguely remember my first wife Jan in these dreams. Very upsetting to me as I was a real bastard towards her. I want to find her and apologize for those hellish years she endured with me. I can never forgive myself for being such a bastard. At that time I even hated myself.

All for now, peace and blessings to all.

I started the “Body Count” because of the high crime in our area. Last year roughly 175 people were shot in the city. Our city leaders deny that we have a violence or gang problem, they are blind to the truth.

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