Why do i do this to myself?

Trigger warning: Binging and purging.

I’m upset with Nick. Suddenly,  he acts like he’s just not interested. 

So what do I do? let it go, shrug it off, like a normal,  healthy person? Nope. I consume over 2000 calories of fast food in one sitting and then pop 4 laxatives.  Good thing I’m not going anywhere today. I feel totally ashamed and disgusting. all of this because I can’t really handle my own feelings. 

One thought on “Why do i do this to myself?”

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having these issues and feelings it really sucks. But may I have you ask yourself this question. How can you deal with your negative feelings in a healthier way? Perhaps even writing here about exactly how you feel and validating those feelings as normal and okay to have will help you some how. As expressing negative emotions in a healthy was is a struggle for most people. But with work and some creative thinking it’s possible.

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