Winter Break Is Over

Today was the last day of winter vacation for my chillins. They are less than thrilled to get back to the old routine. I don’t blame them, but since they have been blobs on the couch during their break, I think they could use the mental stimulation. 

Deedee’s big Yule present was a whole bunch of K Pop merch. Snoochie got a new phone. Bobo got a tablet. The whole house got high speed Wi-Fi. As a result we have not been interacting as much and we’ve been glued to our respective devices. 

I propose to turn off & hide the Wi-Fi for one day each week… er… every 2 weeks. We are not the most high tech family. We do not know every tv show out there. I’ve always taken personal pride in being a “unplugged” family because the result is that we are a close family. 

I sort of went on a silent strike with cleaning the house. I’ve mentioned it before. I hate cleaning when the kids are home. The Man stepped in this week. He and the kids cleaned up the house for me. I love how he stepped up to the plate and I did not have to say a word.

So tomorrow I work, The Man works, and the kids go back to school. It is business as usual.

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