1/6/17 Weee

2017 is shaping up nicely so far. I’m working my way along in Austin. I’ve got a lot of friendships going and a very special one that could be more as time progresses. As for my real life it’s kind of a mess but it’s coming together nicely now that I am getting myself together. Writing here is helping a lot. I was just going to do my real life and leave SL out of it but I can’t do that as they are intertwined. I feel everything that happens in SL as if it’s happening to me in RL. I’ve tried to stop that once and it resulted in me not enjoying SL as much because I had to shield myself so hard. There’s a great number of ass hats in SL and a great number of wonderful people. I am slowly becoming part of an amazing community on SL and that’s helping me so much in both worlds. As I have support from not just Masters but other subs as well. That’s not something that I’ve ever felt I’ve had before. So this is very different for me and I’m enjoying it very much. Having other subs who have been through things similar to me and are farther ahead in their journies and are willing to aid me as I work through mine is an amazing gift. All I have to do is ask for help and let them help me. I have several Doms and a few Masters I talk to as well who are helping me along. But they can’t always see things from the submissive side where another submissive can. I’m still finding my nitch in Austin but so far so good. I haven’t gotten banned yet 😛 and I don’t plan to. As Austin is quickly becoming a home for me. I just wish I wasn’t so darn afraid of my submission but I’m working on that and the training along with the other work I am doing is going to help. I just need to give everything time to fall into place.


Heading to bed as I’m going to get up early to talk to a dear friend on his lunch break. Going to bed happy with myself for the first time in a long time. As I dealt with something that would usually trigger me very well today earlier which gives me hope for what to come. I am going to try to keep this high vibration for as long as I can as everyone including myself prefers it over the low one I am usually in. Finally the pieces are falling into place.

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