I really had trouble falling asleep last night so I stayed up till 4:50. Was woken up by Mom and Dad arguing around 11. Helped Mom with cooking, took a bath, had lunch, did my makeup. I really fucking love makeup. I just do. 

Our cousins (my Mom’s aunt and uncle) came round at 4 pm. They brought me and my sister each a bar of chocolate. Do you, as you get older, become more and more rude? After they had gone home, my friend (who I was supposed to see yesterday) came round. She stayed here until 11 o’ clock. 

Today I finished ‘Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years’. It’s the last sequel of his diaries. When I read the last line, I almost cried.

My grandpa gave me £2. I really love getting money.

All I need this year is £15000, fame, new clothes and makeup (that would come with the money), inspiration, to bathe in chocolate sauce, to eat like crazy for three days straight (almost kill myself with all the food), a boyfriend, a personal copy of every Adrian Mole book, new glasses and to pass Maths to be happy. Is that too much to ask for?

2 thoughts on “1/6/2017”

  1. Looking at your wishes for the year made me think, saaaaame. Except for maybe the chocolate bath–my hair is long and it’d get all icky.
    Also, I never realized that you use pounds……I just assumed you lived in the US and would use dollars. My mistake.
    Have a good weekend·~

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