Cats, Bosses, Bullies, And Snowflakes

I am outta ammo for topics at the moment so tonight’s entry could go any which way. It could be about my day. It could be about the problems at work. It could be about Snoochie. I’ll just let my fingers do the walking and see where it takes me.

Tyrion. He’s up on my bed playing with a wrapper. I love his eyes. I adore his tabby stripes. He makes this cooing noise that melts my heart every time I hear it. He’s perfect. Tyrion is no angel. Out of the 3 cats, he is my hell raiser. He knocks the trash over several times a day. Last week he jumped in the washing machine. Today he jumped in the shower when I was using it. He attacks anything that could possibly be perceived as a toy. He’s also the buffer between Jake and Andy. Jake hates Andy. Andy hates Jake. They both love Tyrion. Even Toothless tolerated him. 

I love being in a family that includes animals. My kids help with feedings and the litter boxes. They also help handing out cuddles. Whenever some one is sad, they will be handed a cat (usually Andy because he will lick your tears away for you).

The Man got me a heart shaped box of Dove chocolates today. I was not in the mood to eat them right away. I brought them to work. Turns out Big Boss’s Boss (E) was there. He’s there a lot lately. Given the way he chewed out Big Boss today, I think Big Boss in jeopardy of losing his job. I also think Big Boss wants to get fired. 

Big Boss’s lack of… er… bossing has a horrible trickle down / snow ball effect. His problems become every one else’s. He won’t hire more staff. We are always short handed. Employees get burned out and quit. The remaining employees have to carry the extra burden. They get burned out and quit. We never have all the supplies we need. So, to recap that is less people doing more work with less available to them. That’s where my box of chocolate comes into play. After a grueling rush I tore open the box and shared the goods. Chocolate, it turns out is a fairly effective moral booster. I should bring candy in more often. 

I missed the kids tonight. I left for work shortly after they got home. I need to call Snoochie’s school tomorrow. She had an issue with a bully today. She tried to do the right thing and told her teachers. They told her to ignore it. To me, that is in excusable. Letting Snoochie handle it on her own will end up with a physical altercation and Snoochie in trouble. She is 11. She is mentally ill. This should not be ignored. Launch mama lion mode. 

Tomorrow night we might get snow. I love being a yankee in the south. They flip out over snow like it’s a major diaster. Me, on the other hand, thinks 2 inches is no big deal. I’m just glad I didn’t throw out my ice scraper.

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  1. I’ve been praying for Snoochie. I believe she’s going to be fine. I really do. I feel it. This is just a rough spot in the road. It will smooth out again, with time and your good mothering.

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