Day 12 – more scattered

January 6, 2017

The last few days have been better. I have been going to work and accepting people’s attitudes around me. I remain kind, polite but distant. This is not where I am going to find other friends so I have to start going out places. My friend Carla goes out all the time so I think I am going to see if she’s not busy Sunday we can do somthing. My parents anniversary dinner is tomorrow and I still haven’t gotten there pictures enlarged. I think it’s silly that I still need to buy a gift when I’m spending a grand for dinner for them and family. It’s a surprise so they don’t even know but my other family pushing the presents. We will see. 

Tomorrow should be a fun event somthing to distract the truth that they are sick. Only people who currently know about my dad are his sisters and my cousin. I already gotten the prayers and I politely say thank you. 

Im lying in bed think what should I do … Should I eat? Should I cook for dinner? Should I clean the apartment? No tv sounds nice. I tried to clean yesterday and I did but not as much as I should have. 

This is what’s been going on, I do feel successful at work because even tho the people I work directly with can be uncomfortable the people who matter my boss like me. They always ask me to come in early and always tell me that I am motivated outgoing and persistent. How opposite of my personal life 😂. But if I can shine anywhere that’s where I am going to want to shine because I truly love my job. I can’t see myself being anywhere else. Giving people skills to fulfill there life is such a rewarding experience. Teaching people how to be better, more self aware, and giving no people the support in there darkest time. I am proud of what I do. 

Tasha Out😘

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