Day 6 – 30 Days to True Health

Play day Friday was such a great day!  I had it all planned; a cute outfit, a list of places I was going and what I was doing and then….almost none of it happened.  Instead, it turned into an awesome day!  I spent it with Jenna; shopping, coffee, dinner, visiting and giggling.

Sometimes the best plan is no plan, and that sure was true today!  BUT….it definitely does not apply to my health, food and water.  Regardless of how my day played out, I knew I would be busy, so I made sure I headed out with my TruPlenish shake, water and a fresh veggies.  I did end up a little hungrier than I thought I would, but that no longer sends me to a food court line up. Instead I headed for the bulk aisle, grabbed some mixed nuts and a few dried cranberries, threw them together and, for under $3.00, I had my own snack which was healthy and nutritious

I’m 6 days into my 30 Days to True Health and I’m not going to be side tracked by hunger or food court temptations.  Even if the poutine looked delicious and the Chinese food smelled sooooo yummy….there’s always an option, plan for it! 

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