Pretty sure John has the flu or some kind of bug. Yesterday morning he vomited as soon as we got to the living room. Around 5:30 last night he walked over to me with something in his hands. Turns out he had vomited in his hands and caught it all. I picked up him, not caring that all his vomit got all over me, and carried him straight to the tub. After washing him and me, I got him out of the tub. I stood him on the rug, wrapped in his towel, only for him to vomit again. :'( This morning John came to me indicating his diaper needed changed. As I’m changing his very runny diaper he started going again…even more runny than the one I was currently changing. When he was done he turned his head to me and said “mama” in a very sad voice and started vomiting again. As he vomiting he also started pooping again. By this time he was crying so hard. Having an Autistic boy also means we have a boy who does not like to get dirty. After calming him down and cleaning him up I tried taking his temperature. We use a rectal thermometer. As the thermometer reads 101.1 he starts pooping and vomiting again. :'(

John is now completely cleaned up and sitting on the couch with juice and cheerios…neither of which he has even touched yet. I have given him Tylenol and said my prayers that he feels better very soon.

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