Friday January 6th

First snow day of the year today. We got out an hour early yesterday. I took back the rental car and got Bethany’s jeep. I feel like I’m moving through all the steps I have planned to make it to my destination. I worked a lot on my NYS teaching certification. It is a difficult process to decipher because the web site is terrible. It’s hard to determine what it is exactly that I need to do. I think I got a little better handle on it yesterday. I made a fingerprint appt. and paid for that, and I sent a transcript request to Union to have them send my transcripts to NYS. They are incredibly picky. The transcripts have to have my name exactly as it is now and show my dob and ssn. Ugh. I wrote a letter to send with the transcript request, so hopefully the dumbasses at Union will be able to comply. I also have to take some tests to be certified in NY. Naturally, you have to pay for these, too. So far I have paid $300 to apply for certification, $100 for finger prints, and I think the tests will be at least $400. I haven’t even attempted to get my UK transcripts. I’m sure it would take an act of congress to get them to change my name on my transcripts. 

I got up this morning and went to IHOP. I called from there to cancel my MLK day appointment with Lisa since I will be in New York, and I was able to get in today at 10. I also called to cancel the physical appointment for MLK day- I have to have one for my new job- and I was able to get an appt there today, too! And, it’s with my actual doctor, not the PA. I need to talk to her about Noah today and get him set up to see her before I leave.

My neck still hurts from my 3 days of living in my empty house. I may get a massage. I do have a little bit of money for once. It’s going fast, though. I paid for my apartment, paid off my 2 credit cards, paid Overstock for my bed that I bought, and paid 656 on my PayPal account. I still owe PayPal 2K, but I want to hold off on that until I start getting paid at my new job. 


Later that same day…

So far today I have gone to my therapist, got my nails done, bought a new calendar, and now I’m sitting at the doctor’s office, waiting to get a physical. I have to have a physical for my new job. I made the decision to get my plastic surgery. The only thing that was holding me back is the money. I have hated my nose/profile my entire life. I don’t see any reason to keep living with it. Fuck it. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but my weak chin is going to just keep looking worse and worse as I age- I don’t know if I will want to have a face lift at some point, but maybe if I could get a nice nose and chin, I wouldn’t mind the aging process as much. I had to pay $3200 today- 25% of the total cost today to get the procedure scheduled. I need to come up with 10K more before June. I am hopeful my tax return will be close to 10K.

The worst part of it is that I am going to have to stay in Lexington for 10 days after the surgery. Gah. I will be going crazy. What will I possibly do for 10 days??? Noah and Brent are going on a vacation on the 13th of July, and my surgery is the 11th. If Brent wasn’t an ass, I could stay at his house while they were gone. I could take care of the animals, and I would have a free place to stay. I have some time to figure that out. The main thing is making sure I have the cash to pay. I know I won’t regret it. 

I will be able to go back to school in September with my new face. 


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