While working this afternoon I heard a familiar voice and asked ‘is that Charlene?’ and sure enough around the corner came Charlene Hibbard. She has brought all of us hand quilted pictures to thank us all for taking care of her husband, and one of my FAVORITE patients. It brought tears to my eyes and made me squeal like a little school girl! I LOVE it so much! I guess you don’t realize just how special the littlest things you do for someone really count. A friend told me that I should feel so proud to have made such an incredibly positive impact on their lives and that if I ever doubted my self-worth again just to look at this and realize what an impact I do make. Everyday. I guess he is right. I might be the last person these people will ever speak to, or get a comforting word from. I am truly blessed to have found this job, my Dr., my coworkers, and my patients.   

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