Of course, I started a journal because it’s a new year

So 2017, has started off for me with a …cough and a hack.  It is fitting that with how I have felt at the beginning of each new year, that I should physically be ill.  I know that the danger or starting a new year off with lofty resolutions is a terrible idea.  I, like most people, who start these resolutions don’t need a start date, I need life skills!  Every year I set them anyway.  This year, I had 3 main things and they are definitely cookie cutter aspirations.  1. Run more, run faster, run farther.  2.  Get informed.  3. Get organized.  

I am staring down the end of the first week into the new year with a persistent, hacking cough, sneezing and sniffling.  I haven’t run much since Thanksgiving.  I haven’t run once in the new year.  I haven’t spent any time getting informed.  As for getting organized, my Christmas ornaments are still up and I am buried in clutter.  It’s enough to throw in the towel.  

I guess I need to chop my goals up into easier to accomplish tasks.  Today I am upright, so that is a start.  I will do 3 small things to get my shit together.  I will read the paper with my breakfast.  I will not do the cross word puzzle, I repeat, no crossword puzzle! If I get sucked into that damn crossword puzzle, it’ll be all over.  Then I will put the Christmas decorations away.  Since I am still sick, like wheezing when I breathe sick, I will chose a running program to get me fit for a race in May.  I am thinking of doing the Cruel Jewel, a 50 + mile trail ultra with some major elevation gains.  It’s really hard to wrap my day quil fogged brain around this right now, but maybe some planning and online blogs will inspire me.  It’s worth a shot. 

Alright…and go….




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  1. I think I may just throw all my things away. There will be nothing to organize if there is nothing to organize.

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