The Lies

One thing in particular that these negative earthbound spirits that harass me like to do is criticize and be judgmental to a severe degree.  Most of what I hear them say to me is some form of criticism of myself personally, the things I do and have done and who I basically am as a person…baggage and all. I have little doubt that at least to some degree, they use this as another scare tactic. I’m sure that many would find it quite unnerving to find themselves being judged by overbearing and unknown other worldly forces. They set themselves up as your jury, judge and punisher. They like to convey to me that they are punishing me for my transgressions. Punishment seems to be something that they try and fill your head with. But if I buy into this, wouldn’t it perhaps feed their own sense of power over me.  Quite often, in one way or another, they try and convince me that they are acting with the permission of higher authorities to punish me for various transgressions that they deem me to be guilty of. One thing that they seem very intent on punishing me for has been simply knowing about their existence.  Since the beginning, I have often heard from them

“you’re not supposed to know about it”

 I fully concede that trying to venture into the unknown, to peak behind the veil is no small matter. For some (like myself) it may not turn out well. Yet they seem to take this to points beyond all of that. They find clever ways to instill negative emotions and one of the negative emotions that they seem to desire to instill most often is that of guilt and shame. Yet I suspect that most of this ranting about my character flaws and transgressions is simply more of their psychological games. For example, there have been periods since this has all begun for me when I’ve regrettably taken to drinking beer on a nightly basis. There have been times when I was experiencing much stress and anxiety, whether job related or for some other reason, when in combination with the intrusive and negative voices, I simply sought to find means of temporary escape…to numb my thoughts with beer.  To no great surprise, the voices would act as if they were condemning me for this behavior, but when I tried to shake off this drinking routine, they did not change the manner of their judgement and criticisms in the slightest. In essence, I was damned if I did and damned if I didn’t.

 It seemed obvious to me, and I was certain that I would still be guilty of something that would incite their harsh condemnations no matter what I did. It became obvious to me that all of their judgmental criticisms of me were quite hollow. They were and are still just one more aspect, one more means of torment on their pallet of psychological games.

“you’ve started the Apocalypse!”

  I know these two things for certain.  Don’t stare at the Sun and don’t believe malevolent spirits. This quote above is one I’ve been hearing from them for the past couple of days from these malevolent spirits that have been harassing me for the past year and a half. At every turn they are bombarding me with psychological mind games. These tormenting malevolent spirits do not only harass you with voices, they want their voices to stick, to sink into your mind and spread the infection of dwelling upon the contents of them. They are very crafty and devious. They will concoct elaborate and frightening storylines to fill you with worry and fear to sow confusion and to attempt to force you into a state of mind that leaves you wide open to their manipulations. I have seen that in pretty much every case of this voices based spirit oppression that I’ve found. And that is always important for someone going through this situation to remember. They do this to everyone. Never believe that you have been singled out, you alone for this extreme level of abuse.  Their main weapons and means of attack are psychological mind games and once you recognize this and anticipate this, you can deflate their assaults and render their mind game attacks futile and useless.

  They will claim to be telling you things of the utmost importance yet these important things will always change. Or perhaps they will tell you one thing is true over and over but then they will tell you something that is the complete opposite. Recognize it right away for what it is…psychological mind games. Render them useless by exposing their lies for what they truly are…just lies.

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