Kool-Aid in the morning


  This morning I heard voices as soon as I opened my eyes. I remember thinking to myself “ah crap, this is really happening?” For a split second there, it was almost a shock to hear the voices. It was as if where ever I had come from during the night while asleep, in dreamland or someplace, I was hearing no voices, and this situation never happened. But that’s not the reality that I’m faced with in this world. As soon as I awoke, the voices were right there along with the physical sensations.  I was disappointed of course, but I got out of bed, had my morning coffee and checked out the news. These intruding spirits that harass me are just more of an annoyance than anything else at this point. I can tell that they still would like for me to be afraid of them, to go back to the way things were in the first few months of all of this, back in 2015. Back then, they had a real hold over me. For quite a while, I was “drinking the Kool-Aid” and believing many of the lies that they were telling.  Much of what they were telling me made no sense at all and they were always changing their stories so I began to realize that it was not even worth it to ponder over the things that these voices were saying to me.

   Recently, they have been telling me that I am responsible for “ushering in the Apocalypse”, but I’ve recently just met another person who is going through this situation and the voices said the same thing to her.  So, which one of us is it? Are we both equally responsible for ushering in the Apocalypse? I sense more Kool-Aid here and I won’t drink it anymore. For the most part now, I go about my life well enough.  The harassments of these malevolent spirits can be a real nuisance from time to time, but I’ve seen through their deceptions. I am more familiar now with their bag of tricks. I know that they can’t take me back to the really bad place where I was last year when dealing with all of this. I am simply much more indifferent to their presence now. Now it seems more obvious to me that they are still keeping up with this harassment more out of boredom on their part, more than anything else. These voices can be damn annoying when I’m trying to read, which is one of my favorite ways to spend my spare time, but I keep practicing blocking them out so that I can concentrate on what I am reading. Yet, their presence is constant. They are in a very real way, attached to my life now. I am living with a spirit attachment situation. Before all of this started, I had heard that term before, but I never really knew what it meant beyond a general idea of it. Now I know what it means, at least in some cases. As a result of my brief experimentation with EVP for two months during the winter of 2015, I developed a condition of hearing voices and experiencing physical sensations and disruptions at times. This condition follows me wherever I go, location has nothing to do with it.  This is what my own (and many others I know) spirit attachment situation looks like. I intend to describe it further by means of this blog. This kind of spirit attachment situation (at least in some cases) can be avoided. If I had known before I picked up a voice recorder for the first time in an effort to capture EVP, that there was a possibility that I could develop a condition of hearing voices and experiencing these physical disturbances, then I would have given the decision to get started deeper consideration. I think I would probably have decided to never try to record EVP at all. I’m not trying to throw all doom and gloom out there over the research of the phenomenon. I simply want to speak out about some of the potential risk and what these risks look like. It is a serious risk and one that should be given serious consideration before getting involved with this type of activity.

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