Hearing Voices After Doing EVP


January, 2017

  Last night wasn’t so bad as far as the physical disturbances go. In fact, I hardly felt anything at all. I confess that for a while, I became overly optimistic and hoped that these attachments were going to back off from this form of abuse. Well, this morning I was feeling tired a bit so I decided to lie down and rest for a while but sure enough “they” started messing with me by starting up with the damn annoying physical sensations again. So, it looks like I’ll just have to deal with it for the time being. Like I said earlier, I think that “they” are focusing more on these physical disturbances as a means to harass me than the voices because I’m getting much better at blocking out the voice these days. I still hear them chattering away but I can most often block out the content so that I don’t hear what it is that they are saying.

  I guess something that still does bother me a bit is just the overall intrusion into my life by these entities. Yes, I fully understand that I have only myself to blame because I’m the one that opened the door for them back when I was doing EVP, but attached to my life is truly what they are. Some of the others that I know that have also gone through this situation call it something other than a spirit attachment but I find the term fitting because these entities essentially follow me around at all times. I’m not even sure if spirit is the right term however, it’s just so commonly used, I use it instinctively most of the time. But, to be honest I don’t like to speculate too much as far as this situation goes. It’s perplexing enough just on its own and I accept that I don’t have the answers to many things regarding what I am experiencing. I don’t know if these entities were ever once in a bodily/physical form. That’s what most people think when they think of spirits, but as far as these entities go that I’m dealing with, I don’t that for certain, how can I?  I certainly can’t believe what “they” tell me because they are so prone to deceiving me.

  Their voices can often sound human but does that mean that they were once humans without a doubt, just by how they sound? Perhaps they are some other kind of intelligent life form that lives in another dimension that overlaps ours, is this possible? Do we really know what’s possible? So, I often wonder if I should be using the term spirit attachment when I discuss my own situation. Perhaps “invisible entity attachment” would be better, but since the term spirit attachment is already well established, and many people will already have a sense of what you’re talking about, I’ll stick to it for now. But absolutely, I admit I have no clue if these entities are spirits in the traditional sense or not. I know that when people think of EVP they often think spirits, but again, how do we know where these voices are coming from.

 All I know for certain is that I came into contact with these voices by means of EVP back in the winter of 2015. At first their voices sounded benevolent, but within two months their demeanor changed to being malevolent and as strange as this sounds, these voices essentially came out of the recordings and have remained a problem in my life to one degree or another ever since.

  In the very beginning their mere constant presence did affect me greatly. When I say that they were around me at all times, I literally mean at all times. There was simply no getting away from them and at first I found their presence to be very unsettling. These voices would always be around me, commenting on practically everything that I did. All sense of privacy for me was essentially shattered once this situation hit full force.

 Just like with the voices and the physical/bodily disturbances, overtime I just became desensitized to the sense of this constant presence as well. I no longer let it affect very much. Of course, at times I feel that it’s a real drag and I’m sick of it but I know that I have to face the situation head on. I know now that the rough times that I occasionally go through do indeed pass and in fact become less and less frequent. These entities (whoever they are) may be attached to my life for now, but it is still my life after all and I have to get busy living it.

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