The Battle for Sleep




  I just tried to sleep. It was no good. I’m in a bad situation tonight because I let myself run out of sleep aid. The voices were pretty whispery tonight but very audible. One of the voices was speaking to me through my pillow. This is something that they started doing for just the past few months. Another petty tactic to try and freak me out…in that regard, it doesn’t work.  I was experiencing the weird tickling sensation as well. This sensation is really quite annoying when I’m trying to sleep, in fact, they’re causing me to feel it in my lower back area right now as I write this. They are always about causing me constant disruption. They are extremist in this regards. The two main voices I’ve been hearing tonight sound like young female voices, perhaps late teens / early twenties. At least one of these younger sounding female voices I have been hearing ever since I was doing my EVP recordings back in 2015. I noticed her frequent presence back when I was starting to first hear negative voices, during the second month of recording (February). Even then, I thought I was occasionally hearing her outside of my recordings. But it was infrequent, it usually occurred when there was a background noise present. I should have known then and there that something wasn’t right and gotten out then and there, but I was simply too naïve at the time. If one is recording EVP on a regular basis, then I would say at the first sign of hearing anything strange outside of your recordings, then you should seriously and I stress, seriously consider getting out right then and there.  Even if it’s occasional, these first few incidents of hearing voices outside of the recordings could be a sign of danger and that this same experience of voices oppression may soon follow.

   Getting back to hearing these younger sounding female voices, recently I think I may have been hearing two voices, they both sound like this, they are very similar but there are slight differences.  In fact, just the other day, I heard one of these voices say “we are twins”.  In fact, I have seen this in a few accounts where people were hearing voices that sounded younger, female in nature. I’m not sure what if any significance there is to this, but I feel it worth noting.

“your favorite is doing this to you”

  I just heard the all too familiar female sounding voice say to me. This is a statement that I’ve been hearing from her since last year.  I know what it refers to.  She’s referring to back when I first started recording EVPs back in 2015, in January to be precise. After I had captured my first EVPs, in the days and weeks that followed, in the period of time when I was only hearing voices on my recordings that were seemingly benevolent. There was always this one very kind of younger, female sounding voice that would always be the first to respond or answer my questions. What this implies is that the kind female voice that I heard the first month, was one and the same as the malevolent, harassing voice that first appeared in the second month of my recording, she just changed how she sounded and she has been the main tormentor in my situation ever since.

   It’s a little past midnight now. I’ll try to get to sleep again. But like I said, I slipped up and ran out of sleep aid and foolishly didn’t stock up. I’m tired enough that I’m not up for going out and getting more at this hour, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep through their barrage of voices and physical disturbances. I’ll see how it goes.

October, 21, 2016


   I was almost dozing off there for a while it seemed, but it was no good, the voices and the physical disturbances were too strong. This only reaffirms to me that I still can’t have a regular sleep routine without the help of sleep-aids. I simply can’t do it. This is when this entire situation is at its worst for me. A human being needs to sleep to survive and be functional and these malevolent spirits try to intentionally deprive me of that. Every night is a battle for sleep. They are relentless in their efforts to try and keep me awake.  At times like this, this is a seriously shitty situation and this type of situation can be brought about by making the poor decisions that I did back in 2015. If you run into the wrong element while attempting any type of communication with the other side, your world could get turned upside down and like me, you could end up in a situation where every night almost is a battle for sleep.


  It was no good. It looks like this will be one of those nights when I don’t get any sleep at all.  Plus, I have to work all day tomorrow which means I’ll most likely be going around like a zombie at work. First thing in the morning though before work, I’m stopping by my local pharmacy to pick up some sleep aid. I took a chance tonight going without it and it cost me. I’m just not ready to make it yet without the help of some form of sleep aid. Sometimes they do fail me and I’m in the same boat that I found myself in tonight, but if I don’t take any at all, then I’m pretty much guaranteed no sleep.

  It’s three in the morning now. I doubt I’ll get any sleep. I’ve got to be at work in six hours so a full night of sleep is out of the question. I’ll head back to bed now, maybe I’ll at least get some kind of rest for now though I know that the voices and the physical disturbances will be there waiting for me.



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