Snow and birthdays

Dear Izzy,

I love the way the air feels when it’s going to snow. It’s like it almost has this sharp bite to it. I love the way it chills your cheeks and nose. The burning sensation in your lungs when you breathe in. The way the air smells is different too. I love the silence right after the first snow. It’s like the everything is right with the world. It’s peaceful. It reminds me of home and being kid. We are supposed to get our first snow fall tonight. Everyone at work is gearing up for Snowmagaden. Thankfully I don’t have to work. I took Sammy out for New Year’s Eve. Let’s just say there was a lot of alcohol. But’s it’s finally 2017. One more year. Dad’s Birthday is next week. Give him lots of kisses for me. I sadly have to work so I will be missing dinner with Mom and Sammy. We haven’t been on a sisters trip for his birthday since we went to the beach with you. Your birthday’s next month…. you’d be 19. My new roommate is 19. Shes a baby just like you. I feel old, bitter and jaded next to her bright almost youthfulness. She just has such a bright outlook on life. People are still good deep down to her. I haven’t felt that optimistic in a long time.

Miss you always,


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