The Little Fuzzy Ball

There was once a kingdom of fuzzy balls.
Every year, they hold a festival on an island that can only be visited during the day of the festival. The participants would collect gems after navigating through different areas on the island.
When the gates have opened, one little fuzzy ball started rolling with the other fuzzy balls.
The fuzzy ball looked around and saw that there were other fuzzy balls; big and strong fuzzy balls, fast fuzzy balls, smart fuzzy balls, famous fuzzy balls, that were far better and capable.
The little fuzzy ball kept rolling on the central path until the first intersection came into view.
A sign showed that the other path would lead to the Rocky Mountain.
The little fuzzy ball said, “What if I slipped and hit my head on the rocks? I’ll pass on this one. This might be too dangerous for me”.
And so the little fuzzy ball continued rolling on the central path.
After some time, the little fuzzy ball came across another intersection that lead to the Narrow Hill and said, “What if I fall and stumble down the river? I don’t know how to swim”.
And so he went on his way. As the little fuzzy ball went rolling, he also did not take the road that lead to the Dark Forest thinking that getting lost in the dark is not pleasant at all.
The little fuzzy ball just kept rolling along with the other fuzzy balls and was almost at the end of the central path.
The little fuzzy ball noticed that there was another intersection but nobody was going there.
Out of curiosity, the little fuzzy ball asked another fuzzy ball about that path, to which the other fuzzy ball said, “That leads to a dead end. There is nothing interesting and nothing to gain there”. And so they went on their way.
At the end of that day, the little fuzzy ball got one gem for reaching the exit gate and said, “Oh well, I will try to get more gems next year like the other fuzzy balls”.
The little fuzzy ball was about to go home when a crowd gathered around a bruised and bloodied skinny fuzzy ball.
The skinny fuzzy ball was smiling while holding a bag of rare gems.
When asked about the journey and how the gems were acquired, the skinny fuzzy ball said,
“I never knew I could finish all the areas.
I was just trying and giving my best as long as I could bear it.
After getting my first gem, it felt like I wanted to try some more.
I stumbled countless times, got hurt, but I feel stronger than when I started.
In the end I realized that I can do it and was able to collect all these rare gems”.
“Did you also go to the last path, the dead end?”, someone asked.
The skinny fuzzy ball said, “Yes I did. There is really nothing to see there except an old writing on the wall”.
“Old writing? What does it say?”, asked an aged fuzzy ball.
“Only those who have courage to step into the unknown are given the privilege to understand what the rest of the world won’t have the opportunity to see”.


So how about you? Would you conquer your fear to fail and see the world and yourself in a different light?
Or would you stick to the safe route and miss the opportunity to break the barriers you put around yourself?

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