Two-Day Week

Like my school week, this post is going to be short and to the point.

Major events and feelings:

The moment my alarm went off this morning I became intensely aware of how much I hate my brain for not shutting up until eleven thirty yesterday night.

I went to school and almost got hit by a car while I was getting there. Yeah. Fun.

This morning I found out that in my first period (physics) we have a crap ton of stuff to do next week. Lab ——> Quiz ——> Free-Response Test ——> Other stuff. God, this is such a great way to start my day + week + month + semester + 2017.

I have a big big project in geography. Also, three of my little freshmen friends are gone, and now I’m sad.

History was notes, as usual. Chill.

Then English was so chill I nearly whipped out my phone so I could blast some Majestic Casual music and chill myself to death. I was talking to my best friend J and it was great. I always love talking to her, and this time we got the first half of the class period + lunch + the second half of the period to talk. Awesome.

Think I might change tables in accounting.

I did a paired project in programming with my friend A. It was so fun because we were joking and talking because there wasn’t much we even needed to do. Tomorrow, it’ll probs be the same way.

Precal was nice, usual usual.

I came home and started going on an Instagram following spree so I could check out all of the pictures of a bunch of celebrities I sort of like. I don’t have any actual friends on there, just those weird followers that pop up and find you God knows how, so for now I just scroll through all of those pictures of my idols. Hayley, Dan, Phil, Lauren Mayberry, Troye, Young Summer, etc etc.

I am the stupidest person ever and once I start following someone (anyone) I will like every single one of their pictures. Just to seem nice and active because I don’t have any pictures of my own yet. Lol.

I sound dead inside in this post, but that’s only because today was emotionally taxing, as it contained a lot of petty emotional ups and downs. Stressed sad happy bored happy hopeless despairing down down happy happy disappointed nervous stressed embarrassed happy happy nothing nothing nothing.

Have a good day and chill out with this album:

These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere by dne. You can find it on Majestic Casual’s YouTube channel. It’s gorgeous.

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