2017 so far

New years eve with my best friend waa fun! We played Pokemon most of the time and ate a lot 🙂 Sadly though we could barely see any fireworks. It was misty that night, and with the smoke from the fireworks mist became smog and soon enough it was so thick that we could as well be in Silent Hill. Because of this a lot of people stopped firing fireworks sooner than normally.

Furthermore: I have trouble getting myself to study. I like learning to be honest, but the aftermath of my depression lingers, and I don’t really know how to deal with it.

It also snowed today(picture above is in front of my house) but I think this is the first and last snow I will see this year. I notice from the past couple of years that global warming is taking its toll here too.

I also decided that I will write a bit more about what is happening in the country here than just about myself. A lot of what I think and ponder about is stuff that happens around me.

In the news lately:

Local brances from two rightwinged political parties want to shoot of the wild horse population in Flevoland(province from the Netherlands) to make the nature park more accecible for tourists. This will also let the ecosystem there collaps. There is a big chance they will get the bill through. (。•́︿•̀。)

People who live in a livingboat in the Maas(big river) had to move out because the water level was so low that that their houses started to tilt and then floodded.

A lot of ISIS 

Trump and his tweets(I am seriously sick of any news related to that guy. American elections are such a mess) (눈_눈)

Geert Wilders. A.k.a. the ‘Dutch Trump’. The most Islamophobic politician in the government. He got chosen as politician of the year because ‘he always speaks his mind’. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ

Europian Championship for skating

A dutchman became darts Worldchampion




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