3 Angry Poems

A little while ago, I was struggling with a few bottled up emotions that I did not want to manifest in the scorching colors of anger or retaliation. I wrote a few poems instead. Here they are:


In and out

That’s how the blood flows

Into the heart, outta the heart

Blood is love, baby

And it is so easy to see

My blood is blue

We put it out on the line

In return we know our worth

Mine is so so low

I just wanna scream

But blood is silent, baby 

And did you know

That blood has a memory 

It knows just where to go

In and out, in and out

At this very moment

I want it all to stop

Blood and love 

Really whats the difference

It all just comes and goes


2. Your Kingdom

We’ve worked so long

We’ve worked so hard

And now the kingdom is toppling down

You are right here

But it feels like a million miles away

I don’t know what to do


We use to be so close 

Yeah, we use to be me and you

But now the world is shaking 

And my heart is quaking

We have utterly failed

I don’t know what to


So let the rivers fill

Drown myself with tears

I should have never let you conquer

Cuz now I am so weak

The light has left your eyes

See the twisted vines within


You do what you do what you 

It doesn’t cost you a thing

Cuz the value of love was all mine to pay

And you took it all away

The trojan horse led me astray

It was you all along

Cuz you live alone

In the mighty kingdom of you

**And lastly**

3. Fuck You

It’s nice to see we’ve come so far

But here we go, we have hit that wall

Like a rabid dog you turn on me

Full of snarling, all consuming rage

And what we worked so hard to achieve

No of it matters, none of it all

I know the day are short

And you started listening to the voices

But you make me your adversary

It’s you, not them

I refuse. Do you hear me?

I refuse to be your chew toy

So sit up high on your pedstal

Dump your poison on me

Cause I didn’t break you

And you can’t destroy me


** I could do more with these, but I think that they serve better as a simple reminder of what was expressed at the time that they were written. Sorry for the swears & stuff. I’m a Boston girl & I got a mouth.**




3 thoughts on “3 Angry Poems”

  1. This is a reflection of how I am feeling today. It was really well written and I can see the emotion in your words.

  2. I, too, can see and hear the anguish and anger in your words. I’m sorry things are so rough right now. I hope everything will smooth out. God bless your heart!

  3. Thanks 🙂
    & Lynn, no worries. I am actually in a good place right now. I wrote these a little while ago. They were cluttering up a folder so I decided to put them here instead.

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