Day 7 – 30 Days to True Health

Saturday!  It’s my favourite day. I usually spend some time in my kitchen, meal prepping and getting ready for the following week. Saturday usually includes a batch of fridge soup.  It’s created by opening the fridge, emptying out all the leftovers that have stacked up during the week and making soup!  There’s a lot of dirty containers to wash up after, but sooooo worth it when the soup is ready.  Today I was craving mushroom soup, so I also created a clean amazing homemade recipe. My normal recipe has butter, flour and cream (all heavy and not great choices) but my new recipe is healthy with olive oil, potato starch and coconut milk.  I wrote out the recipe and pinned it so everyone can enjoy it.

My day got a bit mixed up today and my scheduled shakes, meals and snacks were all over the place, but I got everything in and made healthy choices….I mean I made two healthy, crazy good soups so how can I not eat well, right?!!  I even chose a salad with salmon for my evening snack (seriously that is a weird snack choice but it tasted great).  I need more water.

Tomorrow is weigh and measure day 😬.  Am I excited or nervous???  Yup….I’m both.

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