Establish Your Comic Book Values

So, You Want to Be a Comic Book Artist gives you solid tips on how to create, publish and market your own comics.  In conclusion, by analyzing Euripides ‘work, Alcestis” which provides the sensation that the immortality of those who we love most, as Gods and Goddess, depends too much of our interior spiritual life, we would say that the gift of death is represented by the possibility to return.

When visiting with comic dealers like myself, always talk to the dealer pick their brains and get their insight on books and what to be to watch for in the future, also even if you do not buy anything Comic Artist from the dealer get their business card, this way if you need anything you will have a recourse to dealers to contact, and when you need that hard to find book you will have the advantage.


I don’t expect to ever win any awards for my inks, or to ever be confused with true masters like Wood and Eisner, but I no longer approach the pen and ink with fear and loathing, and even occasionally find myself at a point in a job when all cylinders are firing and I am actually having fun with the ink… that is until I catch the pen point on the paper and I skrrriiitcccch a big splatter all over the page. For more information, please visit our site .

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