January 7, 2017


Let me hit you with the facts of how it feels to really be cheated on:

1. That is possibly the greatest pain you could feel emotionally. Your trust with not only that person but everyone is shattered.
2. You would never in your wildest dreams even think of doing that to another person you cared for.
3. You will never feel so ugly in your life and you will heal but you will never be the same. Part of you will always feel worthless and ugly and ashamed.
4. When you try to explain the feeling to someone who has not experienced it they will never understand unless it REALLY happens to them.

But, there are a few benefits to being cheated on:

1. You have to force yourself to trust and learn to love again and this will make you a more loving and forgiving person.
2. You know that there is nowhere to go but up from there on out.
3. You learn what it really means to take risks for love and how everyone, even the person who cheated on you, deserves a second chance at love.

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