Keep on Keepin’ On

I am not going to say that yesterday was a total wash out, but I did not accomplish everything I set out to do.  Let’s see, I did get some of my Christmas decorations put away.  How is it that I seem to be able to throw them all up in a day or two, but packing them up is such a chore!  I think it must have something to do with enthusiasm and that the project literally grows each year.  More ornaments come in and need to be wrapped up and carefully put away.  I attempted to read the paper, but mostly just skimmed the Weekender section.  I did not pick a running program.  I am going to do that today.  

The good news is that I got called out of work today.  I am the assistant operations manager for a busy outdoor center and I had a rope course to facilitate today, but due to the frigid (for Florida anyway) weather, the group chose to reschedule.  It’s like getting a do over.  An extra day to spend at home is very needed.  I realized over Christmas break that I just desperately want to spend more quiet days at home.  I seem to be always on the go.  My job keeps me busy and this is the off season.  I don’t even know what the peak season is going to do to me.  I also work a couple days a week for my in-laws doing their shopping, cleaning, organizing, taking care of their pool and plants.  I also am part of a roller derby team, so soon there will be 2 or 3 practices a week, bouts on the weekend and fundraisers.  Anyone who has had anything to do with roller derby knows that it is incredibly fun, but also unbelievably time consuming.  

Today will be for catching up on housework, snuggling with my kiddo, tending to my sick husband and generally trying to enjoy the home that we work so hard to pay for, but spend so little time in.  I have to try to avoid getting distracted.  I have a tendency to wander off from my projects and start something new, never actually finishing anything. I will work all day and yet end the day feeling depressed because I didn’t get a thing done.  Tomorrow I hope to have progress to report! 

Alright…let’s try this again.  I’m off…


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  1. Do take time for yourself. Any chance you get. Snuggling with you little one counts because that is beautiful time you never get to repeat later in life. But get some rest for you, dear.

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