Dear Diary,

WELLLLLL!!! To start off I am 25 years old with 3 children of my own (3 girls) and custody of two of my sisters kids!! I also have three step children!!! Yep 25 with 8 kids!!! Lord have mercy on my soul!!! Been doing it almost three years now and I really wouldn’t have it any other way!! found the man of my dream!! Couldn’t ask God for a better soul mate than my Johnny King! These kids age from 1-13. There is 6 girls ages 1, 2, 7, 7, 11, 13 and 2 boys ages 9 and 11. They are great kids, we truly got blesses with some awesome children. Sometime I want to pull my hair out trying to remember everything that needs to be done or things that are coming up. Did I mention that I work a full time job and also go to school full time lol! Well ya I do :). 6 of our children are playing basketball at the moment and trying to be 2 places at once is not very easy! Well that’s it for today until next time, I have to get back to work 🙂 I really want to try and keep up with this journal so that if something was to ever happen to me my family, friends, or really anyone will be able to read about my life.

2 thoughts on “**KIDS**”

  1. Wow! All those children! I’m so glad you have a good man. Those kids are blessed to have you, and I’m sure they know it. Good work!! God bless you.

  2. 8 is very hard but you will will never know you can do it until you have to!! HA I never imagined my life to be like this at the age 25 but for most part I wouldn’t change it for the world. Sometimes I wish there was more time in the day lol!

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