Loved ones cause pain

Its always the people who are closest to us that cause the most pain.   It’s strange how one day you can be so close to someone and then as quick as a flash they disappear from your like and are merely a stranger.

I hate goodbyes, if I am close to someone I want them to be close to me forever.  

When people first meet there is that infatuation phase where you text each other and want to see each other all the time…. I hate when that phase dies!

I blame myself when people lose interest in me.  Its beyond my understatement how someone can go from wanting to spend every living moment in my company…. to taking several days to reply to a poxy text message!

My problem is I let people walk all over me, I don’t set boundaries.  I reply to quickly to text messages, I drop plans as soon as people click their fingers… and I do things for people just to make them happy. 

This is really unhealthy, it only results in feelings of anger and resentment.  When I set clear boundaries and do not sacrifice myself for others I will receive more respect, and I will feel much more content. 

Its hard knowing that someone I really liked wanted my company for all the wrong reasons.  Its hard knowing I tried my best but that was never enough!  Its hard knowing that he didn’t care about me he only cared about his own needs. 

I need to move on!

I need to realize that I am good enough  in fact I deserve a lot better.  

I know that I need to love myself before anyone else can.  Once I love myself I will become true to myself and wont allow anyone to treat me badly. 

I do not need a man to prove my worth.  Once I become a good person and begin to give to the world I will have more self worth.  

Kindness and helping others will help me to become a better person.

For so long I have craved attention from the wrong kind of people, they have been unable to commit to me due to their own issues.  I need to learn to stop blaming myself.  I am me if they cannot commit to me then it is their own insecurities.  

I do not need these people in my lives, there are people in this world who are sure to appreciate me and will want to bring as much joy to my life as I am to theirs. 


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