New Year, New Me

I can’t believe that I’m whole week into new year already. It feels like I was drinking champagne with husband and watching fireworks only yesterday. Life seriously got busy for me and, so, some highlights (and lowlights) of last week.

Day 1. We simply had family time together. Lots of eating, cuddling, watching movies. Sometime last year husband built a toddler bed for our little one because she was ready to move out of her cot, he only needed to paint it. We had a nice ride around the shops looking for mattress (didn’t find anything nice and ordered online later), we had some treats and then simply drove around the city enjoying silence because kids fell asleep in a car.

Day 2. Husband was back to work, back to usual boring house duties for me but my spirits were certainly up and I was looking forward to attending Zumba class. Husband kept his word, I did make it to Zumba, it was fun!

Day 3. My oldest girl started school, I had a shopping trip with the other two. Then my crazy self decided to make dumplings from scratch. By myself. Traditionally it’s something we do as family because it’s rather time consuming and boring process but I REALLY wanted to surprise and please husband. It’s something he hadn’t had for a good while. As the result I was quite tiring by evening, it was worth it though. Husband was happy and overindulged, haha.  I made it to Body Pump. Thought I’m going to die… after such a long break and holiday eating I was seriously struggling to keep up with 12kg bar on my shoulders. My butt still hurts and I’m somewhat struggling to walk up and down the stairs.

Day 4. Oh sh*t. My middle girl was starting school too and I was getting them ready when husband left for work and ran back home with a wild eyed look. Some bastards broke into his van that was parked right in front of our house and stole his favourite and expensive powetools. Something he needs right now to finish his project. Husband is usually good about locking his tools in the garage and keeping his van empty, we suspect he had been watched. Creepy. Called police, the recorded the crime, said its highly unlikely he’ll get his tools back and advised to weld his name on the new ones, so it’s possible to trace them back to him. Whole damage is about £1500, dang. It’s also month of paying taxes. Double dang. 

But then we sat down with husband, had a talk and decided that it’s just money. We have been through so much worse. Money can be earned. It does ruins sense of security because someone invaded your privacy and stole ‘bread’ from 3 little kids, feels so unfair but!… we can deal with it. He already bought same tools that got stolen using money he put aside for taxes. Now he is working overtime to get this money back and hardly seeing his family again. Gosh, so unfair. Without those tools though he can’t work at all, so it had to be done.

On positive note, I made it to pole dancing class. Again in my old place where I used to live. This time I got to see almost all of my old class, it was great. I was so sore from Pump but still managed to fit in another good workout and celebrate it with couple of Hurricanes with my 2 besties afterwards. I deserved to wind down after the day I had.

Day 5. My very good friend visited me with her little girl. She is only 4 months old, so cute. We also surprised my oldest girls by picking them up from school together. Husband was home after girls bedtime but in rather cheery mood. Said that found me a job. One of his clients looking for someone to do ‘black’ paperwork in his business. It would be something I can do at home while little one is sleeping and get cash in hands. Not perfect but at the same time I won’t find anything better until my youngest starts school which is years away. I’m excited and hoping I’ll really get it! We totally need extra income.

Day 6. Normal day, girls had school, I had housework and little one. Husband was home after 9pm… he wanted to have a chat with me but was too tired and couldn’t focus, so fell asleep on my shoulder. Ehhh…

Today I’m just trying to cheer up myself and get my butt in gear that is still sore. Have lots to do but I don’t want to.


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