Here it is Saturday.  I missed a day making an entry in my journal.  That will not be an uncommon event.  It seems the older we get the more things to do flood our days that it is sometimes hard to get all of them done.  I am no exception to this.

Friday started out with a little upset stomach.  That was gone by mid morning but it did slow me down so I had catchup to do.  It was such a beautiful day here that I had to take advantage of it so spent some extra time outside.  Then, in the afternoon I had a few people stop by and the afternoon was gone.  Feeling a little tired I sat down to watch some TV and promptly fell asleep.

I would rather have days like that rather than those days where you have to look for things to do.  Today is laundry day which will fill up most of the morning.  Another trait of getting older is also getting slower.

We had storms in my area overnight.  Did not have any major damage where I live but haven’t seen what has happened in the rest of the state yet.  We have a cold front moving through over the next couple of days so I want to enjoy today while I can.

One thought on “SATURDAY JANUARY 7, 2017”

  1. Did you get snow last night? We did — about 5 inches. We are frozen in the house, but we are nice and warm. Hope you are feeling better!

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