Them and us

It’s Saturday and I’m relieved that I don’t have to work. Not because of the patients, they’re better behaved than the staff. I wish I  could work with the patients permanently. I’m tired of this paperwork that needs beurocratic approval from other departments, imposed timelines, emails all day. Only thing is the schedule fits my needs. 

It’s a disorganized assembly line like work. Where I’m the one who seems to give a damn if employees get paid. Meanwhile, on the outside, it’s a prestigious like Hospital. In the upper Westside of Manhattan. 

I’m grateful to have a job and they’re still remain some good-hearted staff, despite in new administration filtered In to make things impossible for staff that have been there for 30 yrs. The new hires, never see a weekend off. If you’re sick, a doctor’s note is never enough. No, this isn’t the private sector, it’s State employees enduring silent abuse and bullying.

The favorites reap the benefits. Approved vac every 3 months. call outs are not documented the same way for everyone. We have Unions, but employees are worn down. This new administration, wanted and is controlling everything. Divide and conquer, they sure did. 

Now that people voluntary retired, ran to other jobs and most don’t see any weekend off ever. They are content. One of the Administrators is now moving on to another hospital to do the same. 

After leaving us in ruin, good luck in that other hospital. I heard they don’t play docile, l8ke we did .

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