Man, yesterday was A DAY. 

Woke up around 10 and went to the library with Mum and sister. Turned out the library was closed (I HAVEN’T RETURNED MY FUCKING BOOKS YET, MY FEE’S GOING TO BE LIKE A MILLION POUNDS OMG). We decided to visit a pâtisserie but none of us had cake. I had tea. We went to some shops and I noticed a Sims Medieval CD on sale. It was only £9.99. I remembered the time when I had really wanted it. Of course, we didn’t buy it. 

Around 2 o’ clock I did my makeup and Mum decided to empty and reorganize the huge wardrobe in our hallway because apparently, moths had eaten her coat. We headed to a big shopping centre that’s about an hour away around. I bought some earrings and had Chinese food.Why do they put rice noodles in chicken rolls? I went to a bookshop and asked if they had a copy of any Adrian Mole book in English. Of course they didn’t.

Then we visited our friends, as planned. They gave us some gifts which I found really nice. I got a necklace from H&M, a bar of chocolate, snacks and a Baylis & Harding body lotion. We had dinner at around half past eight. Since my Dad had had some to drink and it would’ve been risky to drive home in the snow for an hour, they offered us to stay the night. I hadn’t even packed a toothbrush or my PJ’s or my face wash. I’m very familiar with their house as we’ve been hanging out since I was born. I reminisced on New Year’s Eves 2005 and 2006 and remembered the other friends who used to celebrate with us (those people are now divorced because the husband cheated on the wife with some Spanish woman). The atmosphere in their rustic countryside-house was idilic even though I was having a killer headache throughout the whole evening. At around 11, we lit fireworks. I cleaned my face as best as I could with a can of Nivea, some cotton pads and water. I thought I was going to burst into tears as soon as lay in the bed (I wasn’t sad, I felt so nostalgic and… pleased?) I slept in my knickers and sweater, in their daughter’s bed. It was snowing, but the house was warm and cozy. I dreamt of my mother being dead in hospital or something like that. Woke up on a few occasions (5 am, 7 am, 8 am and 9 am). I rinsed my face and got dressed, had a light breakfast of bread and jam, and a cup of milk. We went home at 10 o’clock. I made a playlist (I don’t even know why or what for, I just wanted to make one.) I just took a shower.

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  1. oh my bursting into tears because of nostalgia is so me!! Haha just wanted to say hi because wow I finally seen a teen here (okay but not like I come that often).

  2. Haha hello! Nostalgia is so terrible and beautiful. Yeah, there aren’t many teens on here

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