Another night I guess.

I was once told drunk men tell no lies and honestly this is true. I’m drinking right now and honestly I want to cry. I want to cry so much but I don’t want to look weak. I love too much and I’m still hurting. I can’t show it though because I will look too weak in front of everyone. I’ve cried enough now but I can’t help it, I really want to cry. I hate my heart for thisale but I love it too. Please god… help me.

2 thoughts on “Another night I guess.”

  1. Choose a place and time to cry when you are alone, and let it all out. You can tell everything on this GNJ. It’s a safe place. You are not weak for needing to cry….you have a big heart and its been hurt. I’m sorry. God bless you and ease your pain. Hugs!!!!

  2. Having a good heart is always a good thing. Don’t make something good define bad because of how you been feeling. Give but not too much…love just enough that you won’t lose love for yourself. And cry when you need help sort your emotions out.

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